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Drifters - 1 chapter
x_mumby_x wrote in hirano_drifters
Guys, there it is.

DL 1
DL 2
DL 3


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Here's to a new manga; a new fandom; a new cannon. Also; a new drinking game. Pick a major Hellsing character. Every time a new drifters character appears that looks very much like him or her, take a drink. Depending on your choice you may already be quite intoxicated.

I think that the only character that looks very much like any character in Hellsing is the man at the desk, who looks like Sir Islands on acid.

Toyohisa, on the other hand, looks like a cross between Alucard, the Captain, Schrödinger (especially on the cover), and Yumie. His design incorporates elements of each of theirs and combines them with other, original elements, creating something truly unique.

Agreed. I would have taken a drink for any of the above.

Dunno. Toyohisa reminds me of Pip rather than the others, although the Alucard vibes are also strong on him.

Edited at 2009-04-29 08:37 am (UTC)

Really? I don't see any Pip in him.

I must say that I'm extremely impressed by this new series. It's so strange, yet so familiar.

So far, it seems that the plot will revolve around a group of adventurers who are recruited from various points in time and space by the man at the desk, or by someone else through him, for some specific purpose that has yet to be revealed. It's hardly original, but I'm sure that Hirano will make it his own in some unique and interesting way.

I can't wait to see more.

you mean... Exiles in Japan?! :OOOO

Like I said, "hardly original".

You seem terrifyingly devoid of humour. :O

I'm not. It just seems that way because you can't hear my laughter.

I am pleased. *strokes chin*

I hope Hirano learned from his mistakes in Hellsing, tho. If its what it appears, however, Drifters may just be episodic like The Exiles, without a super-signicant overarching plot, so he may have found a way to just avoid the whole '50 chapters and three sunrises of nazis invading England' problem altogether.

I'd prefer the overarching plot.

I do not! Overt plots that run through a whole series are stifling. They mean you have to read every. single. issue. to get caught up if you ever want to take up reading the story! Now, let's take Sandman's episodic format instead - every 6 or 7 chapters there is a new story, and only really fuckoffimportant ones are much larger than that - but, at the end of the series, the resolution Gaimen was working towards played out neatly anyway, from plot points and hints (both obvious and subtle) left in the rest of the series! Winwin!

Hirano should do Drifters like that, probably.

I'm obsessive-compulsive, so I'd read every single issue, anyway. I'd only like an episodic format if all the episodes had something in common, like a common theme or a conflict that leads to a common climax.

Hirano tried that in Hellsing. It didn't work out so great, in the end!

No no, anything as far and away removed from Hellsing as possible is cool with me.

Whether it did or did not work is a matter of opinion.

Oh, I'm really happy with this. I love Hirano's art--no one does big, crazy grins quite like him--and a time-travel story just opens up HUGE swaths of potential stories. It starts off with a bang, doesn't it? That last page definitely left me wanting another chapter.
By the way, where is the next chapter? Is Drifters monthly, or bi-monthly, or "Whenever"?

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