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Almost an year passed since the last post to Drifters community. Not even some kind of chapters discussion was posted here since then. So I was wondering is there's anyone out there who's willing to post and share the thoughts about Drifters? O_o The manga is still ongoing and there's plenty of things to talk about, share the fanarts, fanfictions or something. Otherwise it's quite pointless to have this community :/
Anyway, it's just a random thought, but still, I'm also interested what others think :)
Also a random tasty Solid&etc fanart under the cutCollapse )

Dark Horse Licenses Drifters Manga
Dai-Doujin Monogatari
Greetings Drifters! It's been a while since we last spoke but I am pleased to report some very good news.

Dark Horse has just announced it's acquisition of the rights for the English publication of Drifters. Stay tuned for news and release dates as they become available.

Chapter 7 is out!
Chapter 7 of Drifters is titled "Hurry Go Round", and you can read it here at Mangafox.

Alternatively, you can do a direct d/l from Rapidshare!

Drifters, Chapters 3 and 4
It saddens me to see that no one has been posting in this community. Chapters 3 and 4 have been released. The issue of YKO featuring Chapter 4 also featured another cover drawn by Hirano. You can read them both online at

Chapter 3 -
Chapter 4 -

Things seem to be picking up in Chapter 4.

2nd chapter
Well, 2nd chapter was released almost a month ago. Ummmm... anyway - better late than never =/

DL 1 (Megaupload)
DL 2 (Mediafire)

Thanks, Spaz Scanlations!

HiranoMoe's Drifters Chapter 1 Release
The HiranoMoe Team has finally released Drifters chapter 1. It is an excellent release. It's definitely superior to the previous one, which is why I love HiranoMoe's work and why I'm only ever proud to be a part of it. It also includes a few extras, including colored versions of the spoiler image and a two-page advertisement for Hellsing OVA VI.

You can download it here:
You can view it online it here:

All credit goes to Saphire_Diablo and the HiranoMoe Team.

Drifters - 1 chapter
Guys, there it is.

DL 1
DL 2
DL 3

ANN Comfirms Drifters as Name of New Hirano Manga
Dai-Doujin Monogatari
With the name of Hirano's new work officially released, I think it's time we get a head start on building the fandom. If you're interested in moderating or contributing to the community in some way, just give me a ring. If you're interested in posting, just do it.

See the original article here. This is an excerpt.

"The May issue of Shonengahosha's Young King Ours magazine has announced on Monday the title and story setting of the next work from Hellsing creator Kouta Hirano. Drifters will center around a band of adventurers from Japan's sengoku jidai, the era of the warring states known internationally for inspiring many samurai stories. The magazine announced in January that Hirano will launch the new series

in the June issue on April 30. Hirano ended Hellsing in the same magazine last September after 11 years. He had originally said in a June 12 blog entry last year that he was planning a fantasy work and a one-shot mystery story set in the early Showa era (after 1926) after he finishes Hellsing."
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